Feature Request for BTLE

Hey, @t0m and whomever else…

Much like the microphone usage issue from a few months back, App Store Connect is now rejecting apps that have BTLE MIDI active but do not have a privacy info.plist entry for the standalone.

(The actual dictionary entry is NSBluetoothPeripheralUsageDescription)

So, could we add something to the Projucer just like the microphone privacy entry for the “Privacy - Bluetooth Always Usage Description” text so we (and by “we” I mean me specifically) don’t continually forget to add it every time we rev the version number and submit a new archive? Something on the order of “[app name] uses BlueTooth LE for wireless MIDI connectivity” seems to pass every time.

As an immediate workaround, you can use the “Custom Plist” field of the Xcode exporter to “inject” these entries.

Yeah, I do this normally. (Also for our custom extensions.) But the fact that I know to do this is because I have a couple dozen JUCE apps in the store. It’s a show-stopper for a noob.


Does this do the job?

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It is part of JUCE 5.4.5. I should have checked that earlier :sweat_smile: