Small change to iOS Info.plist for standalone in audio plugin projects


Would it be possible to make a minor adjustment to the Xcode project builder for iOS in ProJucer so, in the event we are building an audio plugin with standalone (which it requires, obviously), this line or something similar is added to the Info.plist of the standalone?

With iOS 11’s advent, they now require an Info.plist entry with this line; the text isn’t that important, but it has to be there to pass review. I forget to re-add it nearly every time I rev the version, and it’s a moderate pain.


This should be added to the project info if you enable the “Microphone Access” field in the iOS exporter:


I worded the OP poorly. What I meant was, in the event of Microphone Access (which should be selected by default in an Audio Plugin rendered for iOS) could there be a sensible sentence of text included, rather than the Xcode default.

The reason for this: the Xcode default text will cause a rejection, 100% of the time, and the way that they reject it, a lot of newcomers to App Store submission won’t actually be able to figure out why. When you do a ProJucer hit on the project, the info.plist is rewritten and you need to remember to change the text every time.


Oh, interesting. I’ll add a text field to the iOS exporter to allow you to use a custom string for the reason.


That would be perfection!


It’ll be on develop shortly


What do you mean by 100% rejection? We don’t use the Xcode default text - we use our own (rather generic) string, “This app requires microphone input.”.


Since the advent of iOS 11, I get rejected 100% of the time with the default text, when submitting a standalone/AUv3 combination. I don’t know what the bounds are for rejection, but I swap it to an explicit statement of the app’s intent (something on the order of “this is an audio effect, and requires audio input. If you do not have a USB audio interface connected, it will use the microphone”) and that passes without drama.

EDIT: It’s worth noting that updates to existing apps and TestFlight submissions of new apps seem to pass (since they’re generally done with the automated testing.) It’s specifically new submissions for App Store review.


OK, thanks for the info. It looks like we need to make our default text a little more specialised.


I finally dug up the rejection, which might clarify my point if such was needed. This is what it looks like when you submit with the default text: