No microphone access request


A standalone plug-in I’m working on doesn’t receive any audio when I’m testing the app after signing, notarizing, installing. Everything works properly when I run my local xcode build but when I test the app from my CI (azure), then the app doesn’t receive any audio.

Also, the microphone access request dialog is not shown for the signed app, but it is shown for my local app.
Strangely, when I run it from the terminal, I do get the request dialog and audio input works properly.
So the issue seems to be related to that the request dialog is not shown.

I’m using juce 6.1.6 and I’m testing on mac os 11.6
App sandbox setting in projucer is disabled.
Microphone setting in projucer is enabled.
The app is a universal build.
The standalone app is generated by ticking the checkbox “standalone”

Does anyone have experienced this issue before and know a solution?


What entitlements are you using when you code sign the binary?
This key should be in your entitlements file


And the entitlements file should be passed to the code sign command with the --entitlements option.

That was missing, thank you! Works properly now :slight_smile:

Nice :partying_face: