MacOSx Standalone JUCE app keeps requesting microphone access even after disabled in Projucer

Hey there,

I’m hoping someone from the community has experience with this, have seen the issue crop up a few times in the forum with standalone plugins but I’m yet to find a solution for my situation.

I’ve create a standalone Juce application to playback multichannel audio files. Very simple app. I’m running into this issue on MacOSx where the app keeps requesting microphone access even though I’ve set the inputChannels of my device setup to 0 and useDefaultInputChannels to false.

I’ve also set my Projucer app to disable microphone access.

Anyone have an idea why my app might still doing this? Here is my audio device config setup:

    deviceManager.initialise(0, 32, nullptr, true, {}, nullptr);

    currentAudioSetup.useDefaultInputChannels = false;
    currentAudioSetup.inputChannels = 0;
    currentAudioSetup.outputChannels = 32;
    deviceManager.setAudioDeviceSetup(currentAudioSetup, true);

This all seems to reflect properly in the debugger aswell.

I have added a single element to the custom Plist


What is interesting is that when this is added, I seem to get the request for microphone access.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!