Audio Input Only 0

Hi guys, I’m trying to get some audio input from my built in core audio mic, I make an audio device setup as follows:

setup.inputDeviceName           = //Core audio built in mic device name from scan
setup.useDefaultInputChannels   = false;
setup.inputChannels.setRange(0, 2, true);
setup.outputDeviceName          = //Core audio built in output device name from scan
setup.sampleRate                = 44100
setup.bufferSize                = 512
setup.useDefaultOutputChannels  = true;

//Apply the new audio device setup
String connectError = deviceManager.setAudioDeviceSetup(setup, true);

//We good?

I add the audio callback to the device manager like this:


After that I receive audio callbacks with 2 numInputChannels. The problem is that the input channels are always full of 0.f for some reason, what am I be missing? (I am getting audio input on the recording demo app, and don’t see how the initialise function is any different from settings the device setup manually?).

Is this on macOS Mojave? You now need to request microphone access permission which can be done via the Projucer’s Xcode exporter:

It is Mojave! Thank youuu! Which permission do I have to ask for? I tried this because I saw it in the recording app, but in the comments it said it’s only for Android. What I did was RuntimePermissions::isRequired(RuntimePermissions::recordAudio) and got a false.

You’ll need to rebuild the Projucer from the develop branch and then enable this option in the Xcode exporter:

Thanks! For a moment I thought I was going crazy. Is there a way to do this without the rebuild? Can I add a define somewhere?