Juce 4.3.1 Audio input on latest MAC OSX

Hi there,
I recently started to pimp my app to host vst2 and AU plugins and managed to get things working well on Windows (ASIO) but for some reason, I can’t get audio input signal from core audio on MAC.
I am still on juce 4.3.1 for license reason and slightly starting to scratch my head about whether or not juce 4.3.1 would allow me to retrieve audio input on latest OSX.
The plist tells me that audio input is enabled, so…
Maybe someone of you guys has some ideas/hints???

Thanks a bunch,

No one? Could someone at least confirm that host software using juce 4.3.1 works with the latest OSX?


The first thing that comes to mind is that the app may not have been granted access to the Microphone. If that’s what you mean with “The plist tells me that audio input is enabled”, then also make sure that you have clicked the button to actually allow the microphone access the first time your app starts. I did the mistake once and have been debugging for a few hours before understanding my mistake.

Other than that, the only advice I can give you is to try building the example projects that come with your JUCE version (starting from the plug-in host, and backwards to a simple standalone audio application if necessary) to see if they suffer from the same problem you’re seeing.

Thanks yfede,

I’ve added a hardened runtime to the Xcode 13 project and enabled audio input which seems to enable both, mic and audio inputs according to the description. However, no success. Same with Plugin host demo and even the demo app where I tried to test latency (the only demo section using an audio input AFAIK) and even there the demo app complains about audio signal couldn’t be detected.
Audio output works fine and MIDI also. I am using an RME audio card and would not expect this to be the issue because other apps (Ableton) do fine using it. Seems to be a deal breaker though I’ll not giving up that quick.