Mac OS Update Stopped Microphone Input Detection


After updating to macOS Mojave it seems that the AudioAppComponent doesn’t pick up my microphone input (I’m guessing its to do with permissions).

Tried on a university machine on a previous Mac OS and the same code worked fine.

Anyone know a workaround?


You need to rebuild Projucer from the develop branch, run it & load your project, check the Microphone access option to enabled, resave, then you should be good. I’ve had to do this on all the JUCE apps I work on since upgrading!


I have the same issue. I think the stable/master release of Projucer should be updated with this fix.
Our apps are breaking when installed on Mojave. If the app was first run on an older OS it seems fine.
Since this is a critical issue (as far as I can tell) I think it should be fixed in the master branch.
We have stopped using the develop branch for good reasons.