iOS Bluetooth MIDI Window not showing


Trying to use the AudioDeviceSelectorComponent to connect to bluetooth MIDI. It was working in older builds but now when I click the “bluetooth midi” button nothing happens. the console reads:

Scanning for MIDI service 03B80E5A-EDE8-4B33-A751-6CE34EC4C700

and doesn’t show the midi window. Any Ideas? For now I have a workaround using other apps to connect the midi devices (MIDI functionality is working perfectly in the app - I just can’t show the window to connect them!)

is it maybe permission issue?

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Thanks, I added the Bluetooth always permission (before I added this the Bluetooth midi button was causing a crash), didn’t realise there was another permission as well. I’ll give it a go.

So I have had a chance to test this. The app now just freezes when the Bluetooth MIDI button is pressed.

The console reads this:

2019-12-20 12:12:34.136746+0000 App[529:18641] [Window] Manually adding the rootViewController’s view to the view hierarchy is no longer supported. Please allow UIWindow to add the rootViewController’s view to the view hierarchy itself.

2019-12-20 12:12:34.200550+0000 App[529:18641] Scanning for MIDI service 03B80E5A-EDE8-4B33-A751-6CE34EC4C700

Any advice for anyone who has this working would be most appreciated!

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Same issue here. Bluetooth permission properly setup in the Info.plist. Pressing the “Bluetooth MIDI” button from the AudioDeviceSelector component will freeze the UI.

What version of Juce are you running? This wasn’t an issue for me when I used the latest release. I think it’s an IOS 13 issue as the window itself changed?

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I no longer have the issue after upgrading to JUCE v5.4.5.