Android Bluetooth Midi, peripherals not found

Juce: 6.1.5 latest develop build (Feb 16)
Android Studio: Bumblebee | 2021.1.1 Patch 1
Android: 11 kernel 4.19.127-23190912
The device is a Samsung Galaxy tab A7 SM-T220

I’m trying an App with Bluetooth Midi. The device (CME Widi Bud Pro) is “seen” by the system BT panel, but I can’t use it in DemoRunner nor in my App. When the BT button is pressed, I am asked permission for localization, not for using the BT connection.

Am I doing something wrong? The same code works in iOS and Mac OS (and naturally in Windows, but BT can’t be used there).

I’ve just tested on a different device (Samsung Galaxy S10) running the exact same Android version and the BT scan works.
What can be missing from the other device?

I’m targeting SDK 29 but also tried targeting SDK 30 (default for Juce 6.1.5) and nothing changes.

I just realized that the Galaxy S10 is running Android 12, not 11. So can we assume that there’s something wrong with the BluetoothMidiDevicePairingDialogue and Android 11?

Nevermind! Silly me… this tablet is new and had the location service off. :man_facepalming:t2: