Android13 support) Bluetooth MIDI pairing issue

Permission changes in Android 12 are modified and operated by myself according to Google’s documentation.
However, there was another big change in Android 13.

  • Pairing cannot be canceled even if BLE MIDI is disconnected.(I think it’s a specification change because it’s the same as iOS16/macOS13)
  • The pairing dialog (made by JUCE) only lists devices that are (advertised / not advertised), so devices that are already paired and not associated with MIDI cannot be listed.Behavior is different from the iOS/macOS version.

I’m trying to find the paired device on my own and list it in the dialog, but so far it’s not working.
please help.

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I understand a little why Android 13 is having trouble.
I tried building with the “-Xlint: deprecation” option,
(gradle’s compileSdkVersion is 31)

C:\Users\ogawa\Documents\GitHub\ToneRoom_main\juce\modules\juce_audio_devices\native\javacore\app\com\rmsl\juce\ WARNING: [deprecation] BluetoothAdapter’s getDefaultAdapter() is deprecated not
BluetoothDevice btDevice = BluetoothAdapter.getDefaultAdapter ().getRemoteDevice (address);

there was an explanation here

This method was deprecated in API level 31.
this method will continue to work, but developers are strongly encouraged to migrate to using BluetoothManager#getAdapter(), since that approach enables support for Context#createAttributionContext.

It seems that deprecated functions are affecting it, so I think it is necessary to rewrite it to something suitable for API31.

add. Bad news, in
There is a static class whose name conflicts with


modified to Less warnings. But the behavior didn’t change.

Thanks for reporting. We’ve made a few updates to Bluetooth MIDI support on Android.

The app manifest now strongly asserts that Bluetooth is not used to determine the device location:

Deprecated Bluetooth APIs are updated here:


BLE-MIDI does not work properly on Android13 is a problem with Android13, and it seems that a fix program has been released. I don’t have a Pixel yet, so I’ll check it out when I get it. :anger:

another issue.
These seem to be fixed in the QPR2 release. (for only Google Pixel devices)

Android 13: Unable to disconnect Bluetooth MIDI connection

Can’t disconnect and communicate with BLE MIDI device.

【BLE MIDI】Can’t send a long SysEx Message

Can’t connect a BLE MIDI device after rebooting an app

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I bought a used Pixel 6a. I’m checking it right away.
If the OS build version is
TQ1A.XXXXXXX.XXXXX fails with BLE MIDI disconnection
Successful with TQ2A.XXXXXXX.XXXXX. It is the same movement
as up to Android 12. TQ2A is Mar/2023 version.

I don’t know when devices other than Google Pixel will be updated,
so it’s hard to explain in the documentation or PlayStore Page.

Other bugs are being checked.

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