BR: Component under mouse not updated if mouse cursor moved programmatically

Component under mouse not updated if mouse cursor moved programmatically.

Issue: If unbounded movement is enabled for the Slider, at the end of the drag, the mouse cursor position is restored to the thumb position of the slider. However, since the mouse cursor is programmatically moved, the slider is not considered to be under the mouse and isMouseOverOrDragging returns false. This can cause glitches in drawing until the mouse is jiggled.

Thank you for reporting this and for the excellent repro as well.

I’ve attached a patch that addresses the issue and I hope to merge a fix soon. If in the meantime you could check if this patch also fixes the glitches with the Slider, it would be very much appreciated.

mousemovement.patch (2.1 KB)

This patch appears to only fix the issue on macOS, but I assume it affects all desktop OSes. (I only tried Windows & macOS).

Thanks for checking.

I believed Windows wasn’t affected by this problem, because I couldn’t observe the same issue using the repro project. I will take a closer look now.

Perhaps it’s because I’m running Windows via remote desktop the macOS mouse and Windows mouse are getting out of sync. You may be correct that it’s only a macOS problem.

Two commits now out on develop fix all problems I could observe.

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