BR: Coregraphics render with multiple paint calls is broken

Setting COREGRAPHICS_RENDER_WITH_MULTIPLE_PAINT_CALLS=1 seems to completely break the graphics rendering. It no longer updates and the UI becomes unresponsive. I am observing this using the DemoRunner on iOS 16.5 (Ventura 13.4, Xcode 14.3.1, latest JUCE develop tip, iPhone SE 2nd Gen.).

I’m not aware with which commit this started happening, though, sorry about that. I have just now compiled for iOS 16 after several months and seen this problem.

I was using it as a workaround for the issues described here:

Those glitches also disappear if AsyncRendering is turned off.

Update: It seems that the glitches described in the thread have been fixed. After updating iOS to 16.5 they seem to be gone.