BR: Fix for Denon DJ ASIO driver revisited

Hi JUCE team, I’ve had a user report an issue with my app when using a Denon DJ DS1 interface.

As per this old post there is a pre-existing “fix” to handle a situation where the Denon device is not connected at app start up.

What we’ve observed recently is that when a Denon DJ DS1 device is connected, then after initialisation the code reads the most recent error because of this line in the ASIO code.

The driver error query then returns “No hardware found or already in use!” (presumably because it is use by the app!). As driverError is non-empty, the device fails to open.

If I remove the test for the driver name in line 1160, then it runs OK and I have a happy user.

As the new driver name is “Denon DJ DS1 ASIO” and the old issue was for a driver named “DENON DJ ASIO Driver”, perhaps another solution is:

if ((! initOk) || getName().startsWithIgnoreCase ("denon dj asio"))
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Polite bump!

Mentioning @reuk as last to edit juce_win32_ASIO.cpp. Can you confirm if this is captured in the backlog please?

Your suggested fix is currently in internal code review and will be pushed to develop in a few days. Thank you for reporting!

Excellent, thanks for the update Fabian!

This is now fixed with commit 4abdb6d on the develop branch.

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