ASIO Driver Error


I have some error when I use JUCE Demo with some AudioIF (ASIO driver).


・Error enabling input or output channel.
・Error adjusting buffersize in ControlPanel (after comming “resetRequest”)

Roland Quad-Capture

・Error switching samplingRate.
・Error adjusting buffersize in ControlPanel (after comming “resetRequest”)
・Sometimes, I can’t open device at all…

Are these problems with buggy ASIO driver??
But Ableton Live has no problem with these devices…

I anticipate that I have to init asioObject or set a needToReset-flg somewhere.
Would you advice me?

Could you provide more details about the errors?

I’m afraid that the ASIO handling code is extremely delicate, so I’m not sure this will be easy to fix. We follow (almost) exactly the same procedure as the Steinberg ASIO SDK documentation, and if we deviate slightly we can break compatibility with a lot of drivers that currently work. This is very likely to be a problem with driver manufacturers doing non-standard stuff, rather than anything “wrong” with JUCE.


Thank you for your reply.
For the time being, I tried one.

Channels of Rane SL2

①I try to check SL 2 Output 3 + 4

②Open error and Device Combobox show “<>”

③Breakpoint is here. juce_win32_ASIO.cpp (ASIOAudioIODevice::open)
Even if driver starts, it has never call audio callback…

④If I reset driver forcibly, this problem does not occur.
(I know this is not an appropriate solution…)