Please check your ASIO-Hardware with Latest Tip

Dear Juce-community,

try changing the blocksize, in the control panel of the driver,
try changing the samplerate in the AudioDeviceSelectorComponent.
Is audio-output ok ? Would be nice to see your results, and which device you are using.

Works perfectly fine for me in Plugin Host. (Windows 8, 64-bit, VS2012)

[attachment=0]1000 Words.png[/attachment]

Note; ASIO only works for me in a 32-bit application

Does anyone have a Komplete Audio 6 sound card ? …and does it work with Juce ASIO ?
I don’t see why not because I suppose that juce uses standard ASIO driver methods, but the fact is the plugin host doesn’t produce any sound in ASIO mode with this sound card (It does in WDM and DirectSound modes)

If I set the output to another mode, then shut down the Plugin Host, switch to ASIO, then select my Komplete Audio 6 sound card, I have an error popup : “Error trying to open audio device : can’t create audio buffers !” and the selected device goes to none. If I select the KA6 again, I’ve got no error message but n sound either. The test button on the Audio device selector component doesn’t produce any sound.

I tested it in ASIO mode inside Ableton Live and Maschine and it works flawlessly.

I used to have a FA66 FW and Asio mode worked perfectly in Juce.

Any clues ?

EDIT : I downloaded tracktion 5 demo and I have exactly the same problem as in the audio plugin host : “Error trying to open audio device : can’t create audio buffers !”.

Mmmmh I tested it on another computer and it works fine. So probably nothing to do with juce and it’s my computer who has a problem.

Probably the sound card which is USB 2 doesn’t like my USB3 ports ?