ASIO output strangeness

I’m using a Fireface 400 with its associated ASIO driver and the latest Juce tip. When I run the audio demo in the Juce Demo I choose ASIO from the dropdown (which also shows Windows Audio and DirectSound). It correctly finds both of my ASIO devices, “ASIO Fireface” and “Stanton 1394 ASIO Driver”. I choose ASIO Fireface, and it correctly displays the 8 output and input channels with their names.

But when I play with the sample rate, the sound stops working when I press Test. I have to choose an audio buffer size from the dropdown in order for it to get going again. And the first time I press Test after choosing my ASIO Fireface, the tone sounds choppy and incorrect.

There is just a lot of strange behavior going on with this dialog. “show this device’s control panel” usually never works. And the audio buffer size dropdown only shows one choice for ASIO Fireface when it should show several (other commercial applications show more choices).

Very often when I change a setting, I hear some click from the output device and the Juce Demo! freezes up for a few seconds.

It just seems unstable.

Are you using the latest tip, jules changed this


the same here (Fireface 800)


The ASIO code is actually very stable - a lot of people have been using it in a lot of audio apps for a long time.

But… ASIO is very dependent on the device drivers doing their job properly, and in my experience they can be pretty flakey - especially when it comes to changing the sample rate (you can see in my code that I sweated over that to make it work with some of the trickier soundcards). If you can find anything that makes your card work better, I’d be keen to hear about it, but it can be a thankless task to try to guess exactly why a driver doesn’t behave in the way that all the other ones do!