BR? - MessageManager::broadcastMessage for macOS

Hi everyone-

I have a command-line app and a GUI app for controlling our hardware. Whenever the command-line app changes a hardware setting, I’d like the GUI to update accordingly. I’m trying to use MessageManager::broadcastMessage and MessageManager::registerBroadcastListener to send a notification from the command-line app to the GUI app.

This works fine on Windows, but not macOS. I traced it down to AppDelegate::getBroadcastEventName, which does the following:

static NSString* getBroadcastEventName()
    return juceStringToNS ("juce_" + String::toHexString (File::getSpecialLocation (File::currentExecutableFile).hashCode64()));

The event name is dependent on the current executable file, so on macOS broadcast events will only work for multiple instances of the same app launched from the same directory. The documentation for MessageManager::broadcastMessage says it’s supposed to send a message to “all other JUCE applications that are running” so this seems like a bug.

If I change getBroadcastEventName() to return “SpecialBroadcastEventName” or some such then the macOS implementation works just fine.