No MessageManager::broadcastMessage on IOS

The method broadcastMessage in is empty. :cry:

Is this because I should be using something else on IOS, or is this just not finished yet?

Any tips or workarounds appreciated.

That method is for broadcasting a message between two different instances of the same app. On iOS it’s impossible to run two instances of an app, so it’d make no sense to attempt to implement it (?)

Sorry, I’m a bit confused (I’m quite new to JUCE). I’m looking to broadcast a message on a network to discover other ioS devices running my app. Would I use broadcastMessage for this purpose? I’m looking for one device to send out a message and for others on the network to respond.

Have a look at the InterprocessConnection classes

(I’m going to lock this old thread, BTW, as it’s out of date - if you have other questions, please start a new thread for them)