BR: Mouse cursors have a maximum size of 32x32

BR: On windows, mouse cursors have a maximum size of 32x32 and that is before taking scale into account, so if you are trying to do high dpi cursors with a scale of 2 then you are limited to 16x16

Updated the example code here: juce_bugs/MainComponent.h at master · FigBug/juce_bugs · GitHub

Demo here, the cursor just stops getting larger, it should be the same size as the grid

Works just fine on macOS:

Wow, this turned out to be surprisingly tricky to get right!

The size clamping was because I thought Windows enforced a maximum size for cursors, however in testing this does not seem to be the case.

I’ve pushed a patch that fixes the scaling for your example here:

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Thanks. I looked into that code and tried to fix it myself but it was melting my brain.