BR: PopupMenu appears on wrong monitor

One user reported that if the DAW (Logic in this case) is on the right hand side monitor and the plugin window is on left hand side monitor, then PopupMenus (using target component of the button they trigger), appear on the wrong monitor:

He attached an unlisted video to demonstrate:

This does not happen when the monitors are swapped or when the plugin and DAW are on the same monitor.

Could it be that negative offsets are not allowed?

I’m unable to reproduce this on macOS 10.15.7 with current JUCE develop and Logic 10.6.2. To test, I opened a copy of DSPModulePluginDemo (which uses PopupMenus to display ComboBox drop-down menus) in a Logic project. I tried moving the plugin and project windows between displays, and also modifying the display arrangment and ‘main display’ in the system settings. I was unable to find an arrangement which caused the menu to display in the wrong location.

Are there any other details which might be relevant? Does the plugin apply a transform to the editor, or modify the global desktop scale? Can you reproduce the issue yourself? If so, can you provide a minimal code sample which demonstrates the problem?

I spent a bit of time yesterday trying to reproduce. No luck, maybe it’s already been fixed. I will reach out to the user and see if they are still having the issue.