Bring LUCE (Lua for JUCE) up to date?

Hi - I’d really like to be writing Lua and using JUCE - so I found this really neat project:

… called ‘luce’ … but it seems to be a bit old (>11 years?). Before I go through the effort of working out what would be needed to bring it up to date with the latest JUCE, I thought I’d ask whether or not anyone else has done something similar - and if so, would you be willing to share the work? LUCE looks, at first glance, pretty great - would love to be doing more JUCE hacking in Lua, personally …

I recommend using a C++ header parser that generates the bindings, otherwise you will forever be playing catchup when new features/changes are introduced.

Thats good advice, thanks, and I agree. I’m just trying to get LUCE built for now, though … seems a bit of work (not really suitable for an automated tool alas) still is needed to bring it up to date with JUCE 6.x …

If you just need to be able to script juce standalone apps and you could live with python instead, you could try popsicle and eventually contribute to it.

I have also a side experimental project called june in embryonic stage where i enabled juce bindings for the nim language (so you could also compile down to a binary and not require to ship runtimes), and there you will find a python tool that will parse the juce headers using libclang and produce nim bindings. Eventually adapting that and isolating it to a generic juce binding generator you could achieve lua bindings easily.

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kunitoki, those are great projects and I will check them out - but for now I’m committed to getting a Lua environment set up, since it will also integrate better with other existing Lua-based tooling I have in my lab. Thanks for the hints though, definitely nice to see june and popsicle …

Yeah i can understand. I was talking about starting from here june/ at main · kunitoki/june · GitHub to produce lua bindings for sol or luabridge3 (instead of nim ones)