Browserplugin example compile problem VC2010


I just downloaded JUCE and wanted to compile the JuceBrowserPluginDemo under windws 7 in VC 2010.

Then I got the error:

modules\juce_browser_plugin_client\wrapper\juce_activex_gluecode.cpp(354): error C2555: 'DynamicObjectWrappingIDispatch::getProperty': overriding virtual function return type differs and is not covariant from 'juce::DynamicObject::getProperty'


When opening the JuceBrowserPluginDemo project file (vcproj), there come up a couple of issues like:

JuceBrowserPluginDemo.vcproj: MSB8012: $(TargetName) ('JuceBrowserPluginDemo') does not match the Linker's OutputFile property value '...\Lib\juce\examples\browser plugin demo\build\win32\Debug\npJuceBrowserPluginDemo.dll' ('npJuceBrowserPluginDemo') in project configuration 'Debug|Win32'. This may cause your project to build incorrectly. To correct this, please make sure that $(TargetName) property value matches the value specified in %(Link.OutputFile).


How can I fix the error?

Yeah.. you know, we really should get rid of our browser plugin stuff.

The error you mentioned would be easy to fix, but the whole thing is pretty much useless now - none of the major browsers support native plugins any more - they've all deprecated them for (very good) security and architectural reasons. Sure, you could use it to build a plugin for IE8, but I doubt there are many people to whom that would be worthwhile?