Bubble message component background on M1 Mac

I’m having a bit of a strange issue with Bubble message component on M1 Mac Air (Mac OS Big Sur 11.4) - the transparent background of pop-up tooltip messages is not rendered correctly when opening the AU version of the plugin - but fine in the VST version.

However, running the same plugin release build on my Intel Mac also running Mac OS Big Sur (11.5.2) I am not seeing this issue.

Update: This issue does seem specific to ‘Logic Pro’ host, as also not seeing a problem with Ableton and AU plugin version on the same M1 Mac, and also just confirmed no issues see for AU plugin in Reaper or Renoise hosts. Confirmed also my Logic Pro version is same on both Macs.

Any thoughts from anybody? The obvious next step might be to make sure my M1 is updated to the same OS version as my Intel mac (even though they are both on Big Sur).

For reference - I think this is pretty standard:

                bubbleMessage.reset(new BubbleMessageComponent());

                bubbleMessage->setColour(BubbleMessageComponent::backgroundColourId, HyperionUiColours::getColour(HyperionUiColours::ColourDefs::bubbleMessageBackgroundColour));

                if (Desktop::canUseSemiTransparentWindows())

                AttributedString text(tip);

                juce::Rectangle<int> rect;
                rect = { (int)point.getX() - 50, (int)point.getY()-20, 100, 40 };

                bubbleMessage->showAt(rect, text, 4000, true, false);

See: BUG? Popup Menu Background and Logic Silicon - #13 by lalala



Ok wow… thanks - I had searched for previous messages… just didn’t see it.