Slider Popup Background Shadow on Apple Silicon Logic Pro

Hi folks,

I have a follow-up question regarding a similar phenomenon (my other post) on Mac M1 Logic. The weird pink shadow is occurring in slider popup background as shown below. It seems it is some shadow effect in BubbleComponent, not PopupMenu in a combo box. Is there some recommended (and elegant ^_^) way to get rid of it?

Slider Popup


That’s the infamous “pink background”, an Apple security feature that will make extraneous floating windows have their transparent background tinted like this when plugins are ran out-of-process (e.g. with Rosetta 2).

A good rule of thumb is to avoid such floating windows anyway but you’ll have to handle a few default JUCE cases like sliders, indeed. For this one, you can specify the parent component you want the popup to be attached to, like:

slider->setPopupDisplayEnabled (true, true, findParentComponentOfClass<AudioProcessorEditor>());

Hope that helps.


Thanks! It’s very simple and effective. I should’ve thought of that approach. My problem has been fixed.

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