[Solved] PopupMenu and ARM native Logic Pro woes

I’m currently trying to solve this annoying “feature”:


As I understand the only way to get rid of this annoying pink border that occurs with PopupMenu in Logic Apple Silicon native version is to add the menu to a Component instead of allowing them to be added to the desktop.

In the standalone adding to the desktop looks like this:


When I add the PopupMenu to a Component instead of desktop I get this:


If I remove the code inside my drawPopupMenuBackground I get this:


Somewhere this border is being drawn and I can’t for the life of me figure where, or what the hell I’ve done wrong for it to appear :frowning:

Minimal project that recreates the problem I experience:

PopupMenuLogicPro.zip (7.8 KB)

I set up a LookAndFeel that doesn’t paint any background and see this same border.

edit: I forgot to mention this is with JUCE 6.1.6, I haven’t had opportunity to yet upgrade fully to JUCE 7, so not sure if this is already a solved issue.

In juce_PopupMenu.cpp, the class MenuWindow has this method, which seem to add some sort of “border” in case there is a parent specified for the menu (see selected lines).
Not sure if they are the same in your case, I’m not on the same JUCE version, but definitely seems worth investigating.

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Thank you!!!

If I override drawResizableFrame in my LookAndFeel to do nothing the border disappears.