BR: Transparent PopupMenus appear in the wrong location

Transparent PopupMenus appear in the wrong location is an AffineTransform is used on macOS 11.3. Using code on latest develop.

The issue is that PopupMenu is only set to transparent if the background colour is transparent. But I’m trying to create a menu with rounded corners (like on macOS) and an opaque background. So PopupMenu doesn’t set itself to transparent, so I set it to transparent later in preparePopupMenuWindow, however by this point the menu has already been added to the desktop. This causes the menu to be removed from the desktop and readded, this remove / re-add isn’t taking scale into account, and moves the window.

Code to reproduce here: juce_bugs/ScaledMenus/Source at master · FigBug/juce_bugs · GitHub

Thanks for reporting. I believe the issue is resolved by the following patch: