Transparent/custom PopupMenu's

I feel a bit like I'm asking for the moon-on-a-stick but are they possible?  I thought it might be doable in the LookAndFeel class but before my "drawPopupMenuBackground" is called it's already got an opaque white canvas.


I'm trying to create a PopupMenu that looks something like a speech bubble so I'd need a large transparent area to work with.



Ok, so I dug through the source and the guide book to figure out the background colour id for the PopupMenu.


Unfortunately using transparent colour values causes the menu to disappear behind the main app window.  It's clearly visible on the desktop if it spawns at or near the edge of the app window.  I've just tried it with the latest source and this is on Windows XP.


The attached is what I'm ultimately aiming for.  I figured I could achieve this with a completely transparent background big enough to draw the rounded rect and left arrow, then nudge the position of the menu items accordingly.


PS  Adding the menu windows to the desktop so they're not bound by the graphics window is a real class act -- just one of many things that sets JUCE apart. :)

Looks like a calloutbox to me.

I ve used that when ever i need that kind off popup box. 

If you haven't tested it, just see the docs, very easy to setup

Just what I'm looking for.