Transparent popup menus (globally)

hi there.
is it possible to make all popup menus transparent? i want to make them have round corners. i know i can ad custom popup menu components, but what is with popup menus for texteditors for example?
also i would much prefer to be able to control that from my lookAndFeel class.
I changed to setOpaque(false) in PopupMenuWindow::PopupMenuWindow() to be able to just draw my round corners in LookAndFeel::drawPopupMenuItem() , but i dont want to hack the juce source :frowning: i’d prefer to be able to change the behaviour from LookAndFeel::drawPopupMenuItem(…)(or a new method) on an unchanged juce distro.



Could be added, it’d probably involve an extra lookandfeel method. Haven’t got time right now but will note it down. If you’re in a hurry, you could have a go and let me know what you come up with!

yes, i’ll try to add something JUCE style, so you can use and implement it right away. (i’m not in a hurry thought)