I need to buffer complete songs into memory for some processing, I would like to use juce’s classes for that however :

If I am using BufferingAudioSource with numberOfSamplesToBuffer set to the total number of samples is this gonna work, or will the buffering window move when setNextReadPosition() is called ?

I also would like to be able to know the loading progress, I guess I just need to use bufferValidStart and bufferValidEnd ?

Why not just load the whole thing into an AudioSampleBuffer? The buffer stream isn’t designed to do that kind of thing at all.

Cause I want it to be done in a separate thread, so I though it might adapt well to my problem.

ok - I don’t go so often in this part of Juce…

You can still load it on your own thread - use a ThreadWithProgressWindow, perhaps?

I need a custom display, and the user must be able to continue doing things while it loads…
but I’ll look at ThreadWithProgressWindow for reference, thanks !