[BUG][7.0.3][Win][Ableton] WebView2 and Custom Scaling issue (High DPI)

I’m currently working on an integrated WebView in one of my plugin and I stumble upon an issue on Ableton Live (any version) when using Edge’s WebView2 and a custom scaling with an arbitrary value (something like 101% for instance). The browser doesn’t instanciate and I got the following console output:

WebView2: Initialization failed due to a mismatch in DPI awareness. Please ensure that the DPI awareness of the host app matches the DPI awareness of current WebView2 processes using the same user data folder.

Note that it isn’t tied to just using a custom value because setting a custom value of 125% or 150% works (although 150% wasn’t a default choice on my system).
I tried to change the DPI Awareness status in “Project Configuration->Manifest Tool->Input and Output” but no config fits.
I guess that’s because Ableton itself doesn’t support HighDPI (pointed out here: Ableton Live 11 problem with HiDPi, any fix? [Solved] - Hosts & Applications (Sequencers, DAWs, Audio Editors, etc.) Forum - KVR Audio), but couldn’t JUCE detect it and then apply the right setting on the WebView2 Controller?