BUG - Constant repaint on latest develop

Hi there,

I’m experiencing constant repainting on the latest develop.
Using JUCE_ENABLING_REPAINT_DEBUGGING I can see the color of the whole UI changing multiple times each second.
This is reproducible in any build, old or new.

Thanks for reporting, fixed here:


This change has caused some very strange things to happen to my components that are within a tree that use VBlankAttachment and another doesn’t… For a basic example just create a tree view that returns any old VU meter with a VBlankAttachment instead of a timer. Then create another tree next to it that’s just static and is within a tree large enough to scroll. Start scrolling and the viewport doesn’t seem to send a repaint message.

Actually, this seems to just be a more general problem related to anything that uses a viewport. Scrolling viewports seems to no longer cause their children to be set to repaint

It would be helpful to know the following:

  • Are you using OpenGL (I assume not, but it would be good to confirm)?
  • Do you see the same problem in any of the JUCE example projects? The demos I tried with list/table/tree components (which are implemented using Viewport) seem to repaint correctly when scrolling, so maybe the problem depends on the actual components that are in the viewport.
  • What OS version are you using to test?

If none of the JUCE examples exhibit the same problem, it’d be helpful if you could provide a code snippet that has different behaviour between 7.0.5 and the current develop branch.

Some additional glitches when using the commit are discussed here.