Bug? Context menus flash momentarily and disappear

I have a Mac Pro with multiple displays in a somewhat unusual arrangement:

I’m finding that the right-click context menus in the Projucer will flash momentarily and then disappear if the main window overlaps any of the following areas (red):

Just a minor annoyance - not worth focusing any significant energy on it - but thought it was worth mentioning.

OS X 10.11.6
Projucer 4.2.3 (from juce.com zip)
Mac Pro 4,1
Mixed GFX vendors (all vanilla Apple cards)

First of all: what are you doing that requires four monitors?!?!? :joy:

Tried to reproduce this on a three monitor setup. But I couldn’t reproduce it.

Mostly film scoring work, but it makes a great rig for JUCEing too - I love portrait displays for music scores / plugin windows / API reference / forum etc.

I’ve figured out that it only happens when I have BetterSnapTool running and only affects right-click (not ctrl-click) input.

Seems JUCE may not always play nice with os x assistive devices as this other thread on issues with Synergy (another app I use) also suggests.