Bug: Graphics::drawText() not setting a clip

I’m not sure if there is a bug in the way I am using the library, but shouldn’t there be a call to reduceClip() in Graphics::drawText()?

If I am wrong don’t hesitate to call me out, I’m new to all this

No… that’s not a bug, that’s just the way it works. Maybe it should be explained better in the comments, but I don’t think it deserves a post with the word “BUG” in capital letters!

My approach in general is that the context operations aren’t clipped unless you deliberately do so yourself. And in general I’ve very rarely needed to use clipping, because I tend to find that if something needs clipping, then it’d probably be better implemented as a sub-component rather than being drawn directly into another one.

Sorry - just a habit to distinguish reports from banter.

Sounds like this is “Working as designed” (i.e. not a bug)