Bug in Audio Plugin Host, build 718

Bug 1: need to replace call to AudioDeviceManager::setAudioCallback with AudioDeviceManager::addAudioCallback, but this is an easy fix.

Bug 2: On shutdown, host crashes in AudioDeviceManager::audioDeviceStoppedInt. The call to callbacks.getUnchecked(i) returns a bad pointer. Repro, start up host, then exit.

Sorry, I thought I’d changed all those setAudioCallback calls already!

Can’t seem to reproduce your crash though… did you correctly change the other setAudioCallback call to:

deviceManager->removeAudioCallback (&graphPlayer);

and not

deviceManager->removeAudioCallback (0);


That was my error–I just blindly replaced setAudioCallback with addAudioCallback. Just tried removeAudioCallback and it got rid of the problem.


I’m brand new to the JUCE framework and it looks amazing so far.

Unfortunately I’m having the same issue as above. I changed the calls to setAudioCallback to addAudioCallback which fixed issue 1, but I am unclear how to fix the crash on closing.

Looks like I jumped the gun.

I did the same thing and replaced both.

Now I see the second call shouldn’t be addAudioCallback at all.