Bug in getNumDraggingMouseSources

On iPhone and iPad, Desktop::getInstance().getNumDraggingMouseSources() returns 1 when I drag with one finger, 2 when I add a second finger etc., so far so good. But when I go back to dragging with one finger only it still returns 2 (or 3, or how many fingers I used before).

Can’t try it right now, but can’t see any obvious mistakes in the code… Are you sure iOS is actually sending a touchesEnded: or touchesCancelled: event?

Well, mouseDown and mouseUp work as expected (so if I introduce a variable numFingersDown and increase it by 1 with each mouseDown and decrease by 1 with each mouseUp, the result is always correct). Also, when I first use my index finger, then my middle finger, then lift my index finger and then lift my middle finger, the results are correct as well. It’s only when I do “index down” -> “middle down” -> “middle up” that I still get two dragging sources, so it must be something in the internal enumeration of the sources…

It sounds more likely to me that iOS is using some kind of heuristic that means it doesn’t send the mouse-up when you do things in a certain order. If I had time to try it now, I’d first stick some DBGs in those low-level callback routines and double-check what events the OS is sending before assuming it’s a bug in the juce code…

Well, I’ll just keep counting them myself then… whatever works.

Sorry, I didn’t notice that you’d said that mouse up/down was working ok… Very odd. I’m really puzzled that I can’t see anything wrong with the code, but have done a bit of minor refactoring in MouseInputSource that should probably fix the problem.

I think juce_MouseInputSource.cpp refactoring broke something, on draggable component with contextual menu:
(Win7-64 / Visual Studio 2008)

  • 1: right click on the component to display the contextual menu.
  • 2: left click on the same component to cancel contextual menu usage.

None of mouse buttons are down, but the component is dragged:
Component Image follow the mouse cursor and no click are possible (a kind of modal state)
Impossible do return to a non dragging state except by quitting application with keyboard shortcut.

If mouse was moved over an AlertWindow in this state, ComponentDragger::dragComponent assert at line 43:

Not all draggable component with contextual menu have this issue, It’s hard understand why.
Any Idea ?


Damn, I just can’t seem to get it quite right! Try again now…

This fix the mouseDrag problem.