Bug in Juce7 when center AlertWindow around associated component

Hey all,

I just changed to Juce7 for one of my plugins.
I noticed that some of my AlertWindows won’t centre properly around the associated component anymore.

Alerts opened with:

    AlertWindow::showMessageBox (
        "OK", findParentComponentOfClass<juce::AudioProcessorEditor>());

will show up at a completely different position on the screen.
Apparently, this only happens in case of some specific component hierarchy and I haven’t yet figured out when. In case I come up with a minimal example to reproduce it I will post it here.

This commit seems to be the reason. If I revert these changes everything works as expected again:

I am unable to reproduce this issue with the current develop.

Seeing how the referenced commit concerns secondary plugin windows I did try to create a DocumentWindow from the editor and then create the AlertWindow from either the editor or the secondary window, and then center it over various components. I haven’t observed wrong behaviour.

Is this an issue for you still? If so can you share any more clues, like maybe which platform the bug is appearing on?

thanks for looking into it. Unfortunately, I couldnt find a minimal example to show this behaviour.
Due to a tight time schedule I didn’t continue to look into it and the project is now still based Juce6. There everything works fine.

If I find out more I will post it here!