[Bug] juce::Grid's use of Rectangle::roundToIntEdges causes components with width of 1 and non-integer position to be rounded to width of 0

I’m using juce::Grid to layout some sliders with separators between them.
The separators have a width of 1, specified like so:

grid.templateColumns.add (juce::Grid::TrackInfo{ juce::Grid::Px{ 1 } });


With certain window sizes, some of these separators disappear as their widths are being set to 0 by the grid.

I’ve narrowed the issue down to the following line:

In cases where the separators have a non-integer position, the roundToIntEdges() call is rounding the left of the area up, and the right of the area down causing the separators to have a final width of 0.

Suggested Solution:

Replace roundToIntEdges() with roundToInt().