Bug? KeyboardFocus gets stuck if Slider is last component

JUCE 6.1.2. I noticed this issue after updating from JUCE 6.0.8 to 6.1.2 this week.

Normally, if you are in a KeyboardFocus group, you can tab around the components. When you reach the last one, it will loop back to the first one.

When I have a Slider (with a value Box) as the last UI element, the tab key gets stuck inside it - and will not exit it or loop back around to the first one.

The attached project demonstrates this quite clearly. It simply has 3 default Sliders.

Click into the text box on the first one. Use the tab key to advance to the second, then the third.

The tab key will not exit the third one and loop back to the beginning. It is now “stuck”. Demo project:

FocusTraverseTest.zip (11.6 KB)

However, if you add another non-slider component after the third slider, such as a TextButton or ComboBox, the tab key will exit the third slider, focus the TextButton or ComboBox, and then loop back around to the first Slider. Demo project:

FocusTraverseTest2.zip (11.3 KB)

This has been fixed on develop.

Thank you. But is there a specific commit for this? I don’t see one for today. Or was this fixed previously in develop?

EDIT: Nevermind, I found it: