Bug: Mouse cursor changing back to default on OS X

I'm on the latest tip on OS X El Capitan.
I'm having trouble with setting the mouse cursor: The one I want appears for one frame, but changes back to the default cursor after that.
The issue happens inside my application - but also inside the Introjucer. As an example try resizing a component in the Gui-Builder and notice, that the resizing cursor emidiately changes back to the default cursor. Most anoyingly text boxes are also affected.

I added a NSLog in juce_mac_MouseCursor.mm and it looks like the cursor is correctly set only once.

It also happens in the Juce-Demo: click "Tabs & Widgets", Misc, hover over the text boxes and notice, that the cursor is changing to a text cursor and back to the default cursor emidiatly after that.

Not sure how to track down further what the problem is here. 


erm.. nope, I don't see any of that behaviour here! All cursors work perfectly. Must be something else going on in your build, but I've no idea what it could be...

Argh! Just realized, that it happens everywhere: In the Browser, System Preferences, etc. Works again after a reboot.

sorry for wasting you time - thanks for checking!