Mouse cursor image in DAW not updating when our app is in fullscreen mode

A few users have reported a strange issue which I personally don’t think is JUCE related.
However, I’d still like to pick your brains to see if someone has seen this as well.

The users say that sometimes when they’re running our app in fullscreen mode (using the setKioskModeComponent but also using the standard green macOS window button) Pro Tools and Cubase doesn’t update their mouse cursor properly anymore e.g. when moving the mouse towards the edge of a region. It just shows the arrow cursor. As soon as they take our app out of fullscreen mode things are back to normal.

I can’t think of anything I’m doing “wrong” that could cause this behavior in other apps.
I am using the setMouseCursor function a lot within my app but can’t think of any reason why this could also affect the cursor not updating in other apps.

If anyone has seen this behavior as well or has an idea of what could cause this please let me know!

Thanks and best,