Bug - projucer uses TextEditor colour IDs with Label

JUCE 6.0.1 - but has been there for a while I think.

When I am creating a dialog with projucer and include a Label component - in the generated code the colours for the elements (ie. TextColour) is being set with the ID for TextEditor rather than for Label - and hence the colours are not being set.

ie. TextEditor::textColourId == 0x1000201
Label::textColourId == 0x1000281

For example: (from projucer created constructor):

    mpDescription.reset (new juce::Label ("mpDescription",
                                      TRANS("My text")));
addAndMakeVisible (mpDescription.get());
mpDescription->setFont (juce::Font (15.00f, juce::Font::plain).withTypefaceStyle ("Regular"));
mpDescription->setJustificationType (juce::Justification::topLeft);
mpDescription->setEditable (false, false, false);
mpDescription->setColour (juce::TextEditor::textColourId, juce::Colours::black);
mpDescription->setColour (juce::TextEditor::backgroundColourId, juce::Colour (0x00000000));