TextPropLabel backgroundColourId

Hi Jules, can you change the following constructor to not have a hard coded value for the backgroundColourId?

    TextPropLabel (TextPropertyComponent& owner_,
                   const int maxChars_, const bool isMultiline_)
        : Label (String::empty, String::empty),
          owner (owner_),
          maxChars (maxChars_),
          isMultiline (isMultiline_)
        setEditable (true, true, false);

        setColour (backgroundColourId, Colours::white);
        setColour (outlineColourId, findColour (ComboBox::outlineColourId));

Yeah, I guess that colour should be the same as the ComboBox::backgroundColourId. Although… I’m not sure why I hard-coded it like that, there might actually have been a good reason which I can’t currently remember…

Hi Jules. Shouldn’t the colour id’s here be the ones from Label instead of ComboBox?

Yes, they should! Thanks!