Bug Report - AlertWindow - VST Plugin - 64 bits - MSVC2013

Jules, here´s a bug report. This doesn´t happen for the Juce Demo 64 bits, only with the Juce Audio Plugin VST Demo 64 bits and MSVC2013. (I don´t have any other compiler to test, sorry)

This also happens with the ToolTipWindow, so its something related to fonts or font-sizes? For the test below all I did was compile the Juce Audio Plugin VST Demo, did nothing but added an AlertWindow to test.



Try disabling JUCE_USE_DIRECTWRITE - the host may be preventing that from working?

But more importantly, don't use modal windows (or any kind of desktop window!) in a plugin!

Well, in some cases you just can't avoid that, don't you think? For example, if you are overriding a preset or losing some saved changes when loading one, a modal dialog is what is required to ask the user for confirmation

If you really, really can't find a better way to handle it, then you must at least avoid running a modal loop, and instead show your component modally, and get the result asynchronously via a callback. Setting JUCE_MODAL_LOOPS_PERMITTED=0 will help prevent you messing up.

I'm not sure why this is going to be a problem.. Is it because it could blow up in case one closes the Host application while the modal window is being displayed?

Yes - if the plugin gets closed while it's busy running a modal loop, then the stack can't be unwound, and the whole thing dies in a twisted mess.