No member named 'runModalLoop' in 'juce::AlertWindow'

Hi everyone.

So, I finished to updated my JUCE version for 6.1 and when I was trying to recompile an old plugin, this message showed:

No member named ‘runModalLoop’ in ‘juce::AlertWindow’

And when I try to dig through the available methods of the ::Component class on XCode, there’s no runModalLoop() implemented there! What happened in this version, for God’s sake?

I tried and tried to get some success, but nothing!
Does that happened to someone?


This change is described in the BREAKING CHANGES document in the repo:

It’s a better idea to rework your code to avoid modal loops if possible, so I’d recommend using showAsync instead of runModalLoop.

That’s right, man! I’m working on that. Thanks, bro.