Bug Report: File a bug report if you hit this assertion

What more you do you need?

Edit: Juce Version 4.2.1

I hit that a couple of days ago as well with a new plugin…

I also hit it once a while ago :

Ok, maybe the comment should have said “please file a bug and tell us how we could reproduce it”! Otherwise, there’s not much for us to go on!

… think I was just having a monkey plus-c+±compiler moment :wink:

Fair enough - I thought I’d ask what information you want before I start willy-nilly dumping stuff, but in retrospect I could’ve at least given you the basics.

It hits every time I debug my plugin. I’ll give you access to the repo where the source is held.It would be most easy if you have a bitbucket account.

I don’t think you should be hitting this in JUCE 4.3.0 anymore.