JUCE Assertion failure in VST3PluginFormat.cpp:1734

not sure when this started to happen but around the latest release, or sometime shortly before I started to get this assertion a lot when hosting plugins:

JUCE Assertion failure in format_types/juce_VST3PluginFormat.cpp:1734
it is in void fillInPluginDescription (PluginDescription& description) const

So if my UI needs the name of the plugin I would call:
And that would lead to a jassert.

This happens with many but not all plugins.
Just tired it with Waves C4 and that triggers it.

What is this assertion for?

Hmmm… I can’t reproduce this (with Waves C4 on OS X) but I did just fix a possible race condition in the VST3 code. Can you try to reproduce it again?

Sorry for not providing enough info.
This was on Windows 10 with Waves C6.
I will check the latest develop branch

OK let me know how you get on.