Bug Report - jassert in JuceVSTWrapper

I’m hiiting the jassert on line 300 of Juce_VST_Wrapper and there’s a comment saying to file a bug report if I hit this line, so here it is!

I’m using JUCE 4.2.1 to build a MIDI effect plugin, it occurs both with the plugin host and Ableton Live 9



Hi alibarker,
we currently only support AU midi effect plug-ins. You need to create an audio plug-in with midi ins and midi outs and simply clear the audio.

To be able to support VST midi effect plug-ins, we need to support Steinberg’s VST module format which is a completely new plug-in format. This is on our backlog and hopefully will be implementing this sooner rather than later.


Hi Fabian

Thanks for the response. That should work for my needs!