Bug when building Midi Plugin - Assertion in blank project


I’ve hit an assertion in juce_VST_Wrapper.cpp, line 292…

// please file a bug if you hit this assertion!
jassert (maxNumInChannels  == busUtils.findTotalNumChannels (true) && success
      && maxNumOutChannels == busUtils.findTotalNumChannels (false));

I’ve downloaded the latest tip, built the Projucer, and created a new Audio Plugin project. I’ve selected Plugin Midi In, Plugin Midi Out, and Midi Effect Plugin, and done no edits to the code, just tried to build.

This doesn’t affect the AU version in Logic X, it correctly loads as a MIDI FX plugin.

I’m using OSX 10.11.3, XCode 7.3, Ableton Live 9.6.2.

I’ve seen another couple of threads on this, but was under the impression the tip had fixed this.


Update: I’ve just been messing around with various settings, and if I switch to the develop branch, and select is a MIDI Plugin, without checking Midi In/Out in Projucer, it builds and runs fine. If I select Midi In.Out, then I get an error at line 292 of juce_VST_Wrapper:

memset (&vstEffect, 0, sizeof (vstEffect));

Not actually tested if it actually does MIDI in/out yet, but I can route it fine in Ableton.

Have a look at the examples/PluginSamples/Arpeggiator example. I think you may have forgotten to override the isMidiEffect callback.