Assert in Arpeggiator Example

There is an assert in this line of juce_VST_Wrapper.cpp :

// please file a bug if you hit this assertsion!
jassert (maxNumInChannels == busUtils.findTotalNumChannels (true) && success
&& maxNumOutChannels == busUtils.findTotalNumChannels (false));

The original arpeggiator example doesn’t build in xCode unless in Projucer you check “Plugin wants midi input” and “Plugin produces midi output”. The only other change I made was to uncheck the AAX option.

This enables it to build and it works fine in Ableton Live.

It also loads in Plugin Host. However when Plugin Host is set as the debug target I get the above assert.

This is on the 329e54d commit (June 17) of the git repo. I’m using the dev branch because of this problem:

I was able to get it to load without crashing ableton after checking the midi in/out boxes, but it is loading as an audio effect for some reason. “is midi effect” is checked

You are on the develop branch?

Yes, just pulled from the repository.