AU Midi FX: issue with the arpeggiator demo project

Hi, I am a noob in Juce.
I am working on a plugin project that will produce midi output. I want the user to be able to route the midi out from my plugin to another synth. I began to work with the arpeggiator project from juce, I tried many configurations and VST is always OK but AU causes some issues:

  • It crashes Live 9-10 on OSX 10.10 and 10.12 (compiled with JUCE 5.3)
  • Load on Reaper but does not work

By the way, when I open the ArpeggiatorTutorial.jucer project “Plugin is a synth”, “Plugin Midi Input”, “Plugin Midi output”, “Midi effect Plugin” are unchecked so I checked Midi In and Out and it works in VST but not in AU. After trying variations with “Plugin is a synth” and “Midi effect Plugin” it’s always the same crash issues in Live. As I said I am a noob in Juce so sorry if I missed something basic… Does someone tried the arpeggiator project in AU?

I add that the AU validation via auval -v succeeds and the generated plugin is an aumi.

See AU - MIDI effect [solved]

Thanks you, I already red this post before posting mine but in his case the arpeggiator project was working straight out of the box. I already did some small projects in juce and compiled the exemples and everything was working including AU. Unfortunately my project is really similar to the arpeggiator in terms of config so if I can’t make the demo project works properly I can’t move forward. I also tried to compile against yesterday’s last version (5.3.1) but nothing has changed: live is crashing and reaper loads the plugin but it doesn’t work…

I just compiled the Arpeggiator project from 5.3.1. In the Projucer, I only had to check “MIDI Effect Plugin”.

The AU plugin loads and works fine in Logic. It doesn’t show up in Ableton Live (since Ableton Live doesn’t support AU MIDI effects, the same applies to Reaper I guess). In Live&Reaper, you’re supposed to use the VST instead.


Thanks a lot! I made the arpeggiator and my project work :slight_smile: I think I was a bit confused by the fact that Ableton saw the plugin even if he wasn’t supposed to support AU MIDI FX… and also I was a bit lost in the many possibilities concerning the config. Anyway it’s ok my plugin can generate audio and also midi in/out in VST and AU via this config if it can help someone else !